RESOURCE: Regional Summary Of Outdoor Wood Boilers Activities.

From a MEHA educational seminar on September 27, 2007 view presentation (PDF, 742 KB, 27 pages).

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RESOURCE: Indoor AIr Quality: Scientific Findings Resource Bank

The Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Scientific Findings Resource Bank (IAQ-SFRB) is being developed by the Indoor Environment Group of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory with funding support from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency provided through an interagency agreement. The IAQ-SFRB serves as a resource for public health professionals, building professionals, and others who seek scientific information about the effects of IAQ on people's health or work performance.

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Topics covered:

    Health and Economic Impacts of Building Ventilation
    Indoor Dampness, Biological Contaminants and Health
    Indoor Volatile Organic Compounds and Health
    Impacts of Indoor Environments on Human Performance and Productivity
    Benefits of Improving Indoor Environmental Quality
    Air Cleaning Effects on Health and Perceived Air Quality
    Climate Change, Indoor Environmental Quality, and Health

Sponsoring Office: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Radiation and Indoor Air, Indoor Environments Division